Princess X Class X95 - Navnit Marines distributor of Yacth and charter of Yacht in Mumbai

Pontoon Boat

The state of the art Luxury Pontoon Boat is ideally suited for leisure and fishing in lakes, reservoirs and sea.

The Pontoon boat is equipped with following features:

1. It has twin pontoons of 20’ Length and diameter of 0.63m. The Pontoons are made of Marine Grade 5052 & 6063 Aluminum and is divided into 3 compartments. Therefore, in case of an accident the complete pontoon is not flooded with water and the boat is safe. Pontoon Sheet thickness 2.5mm.

2. The Deck is flat and has no obstructions. Length: 18’ Width: 8’ 6”. The deck is lined with protective rubber and aluminum strip to prevent damages and scratches.

3. Suitable OBM: 40HP 4 Stroke Engine of Mercury/Yamaha / Suzuki / Parsun make. The Boat is fitted in the FRP Steering Console. The dedicated driver console has storage space for the battery.

4. The Deck is wooden finish with waterproof wooden decking, ambient lighting, Leather Seats and sofa for 10 to 12 persons including driver.

5. It is fitted with MP3 player and Speakers for audio.

6. The entry point is fitted with a collapsible ladder for easy ingress and egress of passengers at the shore.

7. The Boat is lined with aluminum railing along the edges of the deck and is lined with Poly Carbonate / Vinyl Sheets aesthetic look. These sheets can be used for fixing Vinyl Stickers as desired by the customer

Additional Features:

  • Docking Lights
  • Position Lights
  • In built Fuel Container
  • Instrument Panel on the Steering Console consisting of RPM and Fuel Guage.
  • USB Port
  • Leather Sofas and Chairs. The Sofa is designed such that the storage space underneath can be used as storage for life jackets etc.
  • Waterproof Wooden Deck Flooring.
  • Dining / Snacks Table
  • Hand Rails for safety.
  • Bimni Top & mooring cover to cover the Deck during rains.
  • SS Ladder
  • Navigation Lights included. Ambient Lighting according to your choice of colours.
  • Aluminium gates are provided at opposite ends of the boat.