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Pontoon House Boat

Living on Water

It brings a new style to the traditional way of living and spending time on the water through its original design, advanced production technology and modern architecture!

The Inspiration

Modern Houseboat brings you completely new ways of living and recreation on water! It may be permanently docked at any port, or you can navigate anywhere according to your wishes. It lets you see everything from a new perspective from your own deck and create new memories

The Interiors

The main living space of Houseboat is linked up with the front covered deck. Living space is extended by another 11 m2 when the weather allows. In cold weather, however, security glazing, aluminium frames and the whole design ensures excellent thermal comfort.

Modern kitchen

Comfort on board requires good food and drink, which can be prepared in the fully equipped modern kitchen, which includes an induction cooker, a small bar and a lot of storage space for both food and cooking utensils, dishes and silverware.

Cozy bedroom & washoom

Houseboat is intended for recreational and permanent housing and therefore there’s a separate bedroom with four fitted wardrobes and additional storage space under the comfortable double bed. A large supply of drinking water and independent heating and water quality equipment are provided to the owner and his guests with facilities comparable with modern housing.

The Outer & Terrace Deck

The main living space of Houseboat is linked up with the front covered deck and terrace Deck. Living space is extended by similar footprint when the weather allows. In evenings, these deck become the hangout spot for the guests and creates memorable experiences

Evening Atmosphere

Houseboat is equipped with modern lighting inside and out. Energy saving LED lights create a pleasant atmosphere and stay onboard is a unique experience: life slows down and you can have the time for a cocktail or glass of wine.