Navnit Marine is authorized dealer of Deckboats, Bayliner, Cuddles Yachts in India. we have Bayliner Bowriders Deckboats element e6 in Mumbai.

Bayliner Deck Boats Element E6

Our Element E6 is the next stage of the Element evolution. Combining maximum onboard capacity, length and horsepower options, the Element E6 will revolutionize your boating experience. Enjoy the power to cruise, fish, or enjoy a wide range of water sports at any time. Plus, with its exceptional price tag, there's no excuse to not get out on the water today!

Spacious layout with three social zones encourages conversation for up to 9 passengers. Deep freeboard and high gunnels keep passengers and gear secure. M-hull design drastically improves stability while on plane and maintains level flotation throughout turns.