Navnit Marine is the authorized distributors of Mercury Inflatables and boats in Mumbai India. We are also reseller of Mercury Inflatables and deal in Mercury Inflatables Boats like Roll Up, Sport, Air Deck, Ocean Runner, Dynamic, Heavy Duty, Amazi , V Series.

Mercury Inflatable Sport

Lasting Performance. Advanced Capability.
Tough, flexible, fiber-reinforced polymer floorboard. More speed, more control, more fun.

A Better Alternative
When it comes to versatility on the water, go Sport. The ideal alternatives to aluminum and fiberglass boats, maximizing portability and economy without compromising performance.

All-Purpose Fun
The Sport is great for cruising, family fun, and ship-to-shore travel. Go beyond the expected with serious strength, maneuverability, and performance. A lower center of gravity. Hassle-free assembly. Sleek design. Get out on the water. Go the distance.

Better from the Floor Up
Fiber-reinforced polymer floorboards for long-lasting buoyancy, flexibility, and lower thermal conductivity. Three separate internal air chambers and non-skid floorboards for greater and safer stability.